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About Face Dental Hygiene Spa is the

first independent dental hygiene practice and spa

in Portland, Oregon.

What else makes About Face different?
We do not have a dentist. We do not fill cavities or take x-rays (radiographs) and we do not require them. We recommend you see your dentist annually and we welcome the opportunity to work with your dentist and other health care providers. If you do not have a dentist, we will happily refer you to one of several quality dentists.
We are a "fee for service" office.  That means we charge a flat. If you have dental insurance, the out-of-pocket expense to you is the same if you went to an office that processed claims. We will provide the documents for you to send to your insurance carrier; the company will reimburse you. We are up-front about costs, so there are no surprises when it is time to pay. Click on the Make an Appointment button to visit and view our prices and services for new and established dental and spa clients. Payment is required at the time of your service, and we accept payment by cash, check, and Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit cards.
We do not process insurance, but we are happy to provide you with a completed insurance claim form for you to self-submit for reimbursement. If you plan to submit a claim, prior to your appointment contact your dental insurance carrier for its rules and an explanation of benefit coverage. Upon request, we will send out a year-end statement for your tax filing.
We're eco-conscious. We actively look for ways to keep our footprint small by distilling water in-office, eliminating plastic bottles and transportation, and by replacing paper bibs with reusable (and more comfortable!) cloth towels, washed on-site with Energy Star appliances.


Hygiene Services

Affordable holistic, therapeutic, and preventive services to help keep your smile healthy and bright. Our focus is on preventative strategies to ensure you stay healthier and youthful longer.

  • New Patient Periodontal Exam

  • Dental Cleaning - Routine

  • Dental Cleaning - Heavy Deposit

  • Periodontal (Deep Cleaning) Therapies

  • Periodontal Maintenance

  • In-office Zoom Whitening

  • Custom Whitening Trays

  • Cavity Arresting Treatment

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Dental Sealants

  • Oral HPV / Oral Cancer DNA Testing

  • Custom Sports & Night Guards



Why not enhance your dental hygiene visit by adding on a Spot-lite Facial, eyelash tinting, or paraffin hand dip? You'll leave refreshed, revitalized, and feeling as great as you look!

  • Facials

    • About Face Signature Facial

    • Face-lift Facial

    • Spot-lite + Microdermabrasion

    • Custom Facial to Address Skin Type (Acne, Skin Brightening, Anti-Aging)

    • Oxygen Facial

    • Back Facial

  • Micro-dermabrasion

  • Chemical Peels

  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Enhancement

  • Ear Candling

  • Add-on treatments: Galvanic, Micro-current, High-Frequency, Ultrasonic., or LED

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