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Pamela Lynch, BSDH, EPDH, LAe.  

has been transforming dental cleanings into spa experiences since 2012.

Our goals for your visit:

Gentle, compassionate cleaning

Thorough & educational feedback

Relaxed, unhurried, pampered approach

Time is focused on YOU

Look forward to your next dental cleaning. We offer preventive and therapeutic oral health care in a unique spa environment, along with a full menu of skincare services.


Many people avoid or postpone dental care, even preventive services, usually based on a traumatic past experience. Somewhere in their dental history, they had a painful experienced or had been scolded for not flossing or brushing properly. 


It doesn’t have to be that way. Inspired by the belief that it is possible to receive excellent oral health care and have a pleasurable experience. A dental spa is a holistic alternative from a typical dental experience.


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